Open Wild Gardens

Stoneygate Bradwell
We have been here since October 2019 and changed a small terraced garden into a space with a variety of   habitats for wildlife, e.g. lots of flowers for pollinators, both wild and cultivated species. Open Sunday 11 June after 11 am.
The New Vicarage Bradwell
This is our third year at the vicarage. It is a medium to large garden, divided into an enclosed rear garden, and a more open driveway area where we encourage community access. Open Saturday and Sunday 1.30 – 5.00 pm.
Leveret Croft Hathersage
Five acres on the edge of the moor, divided by Leveret Lane. nature friendly gardening on a hillside with ponds, meadow and woodland.
Open Saturday 10 June 10am-4pm.
T’End House Hathersage
One acre garden with mown paths dividing beds of wildflowers… . There are nest boxes for swifts and house martins and a box for barn owls in the adjacent field.
Open Sat 10 and Sun 11 June 2-6pm
Cottage Garden, Hathersage
I moved into my terraced cottage late in 2000.  Gradually the garden flower flowers disappeared and I stopped digging over the borders. Wild flowers appeared. The trees grew up.
Open both days after 11am.
Further House Hathersage
Medium size garden on an L shaped plot with the house in the apex. A cottage garden with lawns, trees & shrubs forming various “rooms” including a small wild plot, pond, flower beds, veg & soft fruit plots.
Open Sunday 11 June 2-5pm.
Hathersage Church Vicarage
Medium garden. Wild lawn as long as no one goes mad with the mower before June. Small but much loved pond. No need to book. Sunday afternoon from 12.00-4.30pm.
Springwoods Bamford
Our garden is roughly half a hectare, including the site of the house. The garden is rectangular in shape with its length oriented East/West. The garden is surrounded by mixed woodland to...
Open Saturday 10 June 10am-5pm