About HVCA

Taking action on the climate emergency

We are a group of villages taking effective action on climate change. Our aims are to reduce carbon and increase biodiversity in Derbyshire’s Hope Valley, and beyond. Hope Valley Climate Action (HVCA) was founded in 2019 and we became a charity in 2020. We have over 900 members .  

Our Vision

Our vision of the Hope Valley is a tranquil landscape that is used more sustainably, is less polluted, and thrives with wildlife and birdsong.  There will be access to better transport for residents and visitors alike, a secure low carbon energy supply and lower energy bills.  We imagine a Valley where people feel secure and can foresee a place for themselves and their children.

We want to demonstrate that in a rural environment such as this, a step-change to a low carbon future, with greater bio-diversity, is possible, and we will advocate for the policy changes necessary to make this happen.  We want to see a Just Transition where everyone can benefit from these exciting future possibilities.  Anyone who wants to take action on climate change in the Hope Valley can find a path to do so through our work.  We promote inclusivity and diversity in all that we do.

How we are working and what are we doing

We are raising local awareness; taking local action to reduce carbon emissions in ways that benefit nature and advocating for policies at all levels that address the climate emergency.  See our Strategy.  

Our ‘objects’ as a CIO are:

The promotion, for the benefit of the public, of the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, in particular by:

  1. raising awareness of the causes and impact of climate change;
  2. encouraging practical steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change;
  3. promoting research for the public benefit in all aspects of climate change and publishing the results.

We have three main action groups: travel, energy and land along with a school-based project. A key part of what we do is to carry out practical projects to demonstrate what realistic solutions to the climate crisis could look like. This allows us to advocate for change at a national level.