Leveret Croft
S32 1BR

5 acres of land divided by Leveret Lane; the house on one side with an acre of garden and the Barn on the other with 4 acres.

We halted the grazing in order to observe and consider how best to use the different areas. We sought advice from the PDNPA and obtained grants for the repair of dry stone walls and fencing, and for tree planting and renovation of ponds.

There are now five ponds, a wildflower meadow, an allotment for vegetables and soft fruit, an orchard of plum damson, bullace and apple and an area of established woodland.

In managing the land we follow the basic principles of “wild gardening” in observing and learning from experience, not using herbicides and pesticides and creating habitats for birds, mammals, insects and amphibians. We have made many bird boxes, which have successfully raised multiple broods, and are attracting swifts. Badgers visit and brown hares live in the garden. Moths and butterflies are plentiful.

Open Saturday 11 June.  Booking by email.  Cold refreshments.

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Contact: Scharlie Platt
01433 650307

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