9 Hope Road
S33 7ZF

A medium-sized garden, situated on a small patch of land detached from the house. Some wild grass, a tiny bit of woodland.

Open Saturday and Sunday  11 -12 June 2pm-5pm

The main feature is a mature goat willow growing around an old rotavator, nature taking over. Locally common wildflowers are slowly appearing, with some moved from elsewhere or encouraged using seeds gathered nearby. A couple of orchids have appeared over the past two years. There is a lot of rusty-back fern growing in one of the walls, said to be quite unusual this far north.

Not very successful organic veg patch and productive fruit bushes on the same piece of land, with some wild flowers growing among the veg. (And self-propagating non-native poppies, which must have been planted fifty years ago)

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Contact: Joanna Collins
01433 670392

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