Soil and the vegetation growing on it are major stores of sequestered carbon. Well managed, they can absorb huge quantities of CO2. Badly managed, and they will add enormously to climate change as peat dries out, woodland and heather cover burn and fields become bio-diversity deserts.

The Hope Valley contains large areas of upland peat bog and heather moorland. The valley sides are a mixture of woodland and grassland. The valley bottoms are substantial watercourses, transport corridors and human habitat. All these ecosystems need protecting from carbon loss and managing to increase their ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Hope Valley Climate Action has active projects to increase the amount of tree cover in appropriate areas, to manage the roadside verges and transport corridors in ways which encourage biodiversity, and to help nature recover on the valley sides.

We have campaigned to eliminate the use of peat in garden and herbicides on public land and to ensure that our community voice is heard by DEFRA as they deploy the new farm subsidy scheme (ELMS).

We would love to do more but we need more people involved. If you want to get your hands dirty planting trees or surveying wildlife or if you care passionately about these issues and want to get involved in campaigning and educating, please get in touch with one of our projects or contact for more information.


Our Projects


A tree for every villager – contact hughesonline@btinternet.comBamford’s main project has been planting a tree for every villager. We have so far planted 400 trees, with 400 more to go! We have a Treemometer in the Anglers Rest showing progress towards our target – nearly there!

Mam Tor

A plantation of trees is being planned on private land in the Hope Valley, close to Mam Tor'. The proposed planation will have half the area (approx. 600 sq m) planted intensively ( 3 – 4 saplings per sq m) while the other half will be planted conventionally (saplings 1 -2 meters apart) with the same indigenous species. Planting is proposed to take place in the 2022 – 2023 planting season). The Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield will coordinate monitoring research on-site with postgraduate students. More details as the project plan is developed.

Verge management

Surveying, managing and campaigning to improve the biodiversity of roadside verges – contact Carol Collins or  Jim Miles

Garden Wild

Wildlife gardening

Gardens can provide a home for wildlife too share ideas and visit gardens - contact Carol Collins or  Jim Miles

Thornhill Carrs

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s rewilding project near Bamford – see the video here - get involved in recording the wildlife – contact

Contact us if you'd like to get involved

Our news

Land Group Meeting

The Rewilding and Food and Farming Groups of HVCA are being reformed as the Land Group. We will be holding an inaugural meeting by zoom

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Pesticide Free

Mike Pedlar recently came across this excellent document written in 2019 about the damage caused by pesticides. It is entitled “A proposal for a pesticide

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