Eco Homes in Hope Valley

The following homes are taking part in our Open Eco-homes Weekend 7-8 October 2023. As you’ll see, we have an interesting range of properties for you to visit. The owners have kindly offered to provide advice to others wishing to make their homes more energy efficient. Their contact details are at the foot of each entry.

Quaker Community

Water Lane Bamford
S33 0AD

This is the final year to view the insulation/ retrofit at the Quaker Community.  The tour will include the principles of domestic retrofit including avoiding unintended consequences.

Tradional old stone building, built in 1903 as the Derwent Water Board offices of solid walls of stone and brick.  The building has been insulated piecemeal over many years.  It now includes

  • Internal wall insulation
  • many types of double glazing and secondary glazing
  • loft insulation done in an unusual way to provide for loft storage
  • Internal rather than external porches to avoid needing planning permission
  • And much more.

The tour will be on Saturday 7 October at 2.15pm.  No booking required.  Car park beyond the house.  Handout about the insulation of the property provided.

Contact: Zee-Zee Heine
07957 153 077

8 Ashopton Drive

S33 0BU

1978 detached house with cavity wall construction. Thermolite blocks inside and Derbyshire gritstone outside.

  • Bonded EPS bead cavity wall insulation
  • Ground floor insulated to Passivhaus standard
  • Wet underfloor heating throughout
  • MAN Heiztechnik condensing boiler specifically designed to work with UFH.
  • Weather compensated feed-forward UFH water temperature control.
  • 130L thermal store.
  • Solar panels  4kW photovoltaic panels.
  • Eddi solar power diverter.
  • Zappi EV charger.

Saturday 7 October: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm; Sunday 8 October: 2 pm, 3pm, 4 pm, 5pm
Ring or email to arrange a booking. (maximum of 4 people per visit)

Not suitable for visitors with limited mobility owing to very steep drive & steps. On-street parking  available nearby

Contact: John Cotton
07909 195539

Leveret Croft

S32 1BR

A five bedroom timber chalet built 1900 and renovated in 1998-2000, featuring:

  • 6 inch Rockwool insulation and wood wool slab in walls, 6  inch in floors and 14 inch in roof
  • High perfomance windows and doors,
  • Solar panels
  • Immersun solar power diverter
  • Spring water
  • Wood stoves and coppiced timber
  • LPG condensing boiler

Contemplating heat pump and battery storage

Visits Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm (ring or email to arrange)

Wheelchair accessible slope up to house; staircase to first floor.  Adequate on-site parking

Contact: Stephen and Scharlie Platt
07936 606653

7 Cliffe Lane

S32 1DE

A four bedroom detached house built 1978, featuring:

  • internal insulation,
  • solar panels
  • air source heat pump (2020)

Not at home on 7 & 8 October.   However, visits possible during  period Tues 10 October – Sat 14 October or at a later date if preferred.

Ring beforehand to arrange a visit. No difficulties for disabled visitors.  Parking available in the driveway and also on the road.

Contact: Stephen Rowland and Gillie Bolton
01433 651167


S33 0BR

Total rebuild in 1998 on foundations of a 1930’s asbestos clad, timber frame bungalow, using recycled and local timber Featuring:

  • Passive Solar design
  • Warmcell insulation
  • South facing conservatory
  • Rainwater collection
  • Heating by woodstove
  • PV panels

Springwoods website

Away during event week. Visits possible before and after event week by prior arrangement (would-be visitors should just phone or email John)

Good disabled access in garden & on ground floor. Steps up to first floor. Parking space in entrance for 1 car.

Contact: John de Carteret
01433 651865 (Text)

12 Main Road

S33 0AY

Rendered brick and gritstone semi-detached house built in 1908. Renovations on-going since 2019 with the aim of:

  • making the house warmer and more comfortable to live in
  • reducing energy consumption and costs
  • reducing carbon emissions

Key improvements to date:

  • interior insulation of all outer walls on ground and first floor 
  • triple-glazed windows on first floor and in kitchen
  • energy efficiency upgrade of existing gas central heating system
  • installation of zoned electric underfloor heating in kitchen/dining area, lobby and cloakroom + main bathroom on first floor
  • wood fibre insulation of cellar ceilings (work in progress)

Saturday 7 October  10 am – 13 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm; Sunday 8 October 10.30 am – 12.30 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm

Ring/email to arrange a visit.  Visits also available after these dates by arrangement.

3 steps to front & side doors, steepish staircases to cellar & 1st/2ndfloors.   Parking outside house on Victoria Rd. (Entrance to house on same road)

Contact: Paul & Julia Hartley
07485 114 884 or 07485 114 902

Leveret Barn

S32 1BR

A barn built about 1940 and renovated 2003-5 and 5 acres of ‘rewilded’ wildflower meadow woodland, ponds, orchard and allotment.

Featuring :

  • Kingspan and Actis Triso Super 10 Insulation
  • Scandinavian high perfomance windows and doors
  • 4kw Solar panels
  • rewilding
  • compost making
  • orchard
  • wildlife ponds

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 October, 10 am – 5 pm. Ring or email to arrange a visit.

If using a satnav insert name of house and post code – Leveret Croft  S32 1BR

Wheelchair accessible slope to barn. Staircase to first floor.  Adequate on-site parking

Contact: Stephen and Scharlie Platt
01433 650307

Middle Ollerbrook Cottage

S33 7ZG

Typical, stone-built Peak District cottage within Edale conservation area. Moved in January 2019. Hoping that this will inspire more of our neighbours to upgrade their homes and to raise enthusiasm and interest with neighbours outside of the HVCA group who’re not already  responding to the climate emergency.

  • air source heat pump
  • Eco 22 ready wood burning stove
  • loft and internal wall insulation with PIR Cellotex backed plasterboard to a high level
  • heat recovery unit

Not at home on 7 & 8 October.   Happy for people to make arrangements to visit at any time outside of the weekend.   Call/email beforehand to arrange a visit.

Parking available but steps may create difficulty for disabled visitors. Uneven steps everywhere but most have good handrails. Disabled/wheelchair access difficult – old cottage.
Contact: Jon Whitley & Tracy Thorpe
07812 816309

Croft Head

Croft Head
Aston Lane
S33 6RA

We moved into Croft Head in the spring of 2012.  It is a stone built former farmhouse. Work undertaken to date consists of:

  • Internal wall and ceiling insulation using Kingspan in the barn conversion, undertaken when it was converted in 2013/14.
  • Installation of solar PV panels on the south facing barn roof in 2013.
  • Internal wall insulation in the kitchen using 10cm cork insulation panels, and lime plaster, in 2015. The kitchen is on the north side of the house and has three external walls.  Heating it became a real challenge when we took the gas fired Aga out!
  • Internal wall insulation in two of the upstairs ‘bedrooms’, now used as home offices, using 10cm woodfibre and lime plaster.
  • Additional insulation in the attic.

We have been deliberating about how to improve the insulation in the rest of the house for some time.

Email or ring to arrange.

No difficulties for disabled visitors.   Parking available in the driveway.
Contact: Jeremy and Mandy Wight

Hope Road Edale

Hope Road Edale
S33 7ZF

1910s End of terrace, stone-built, solid-walled, 3 bedroom cottage.  Featuring:

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Solar thermal panels
  • Some internal insulation
  • Double glazing
  • Insulated doors
  • Air source heat pump

Saturday 7 October & Sunday 8 October:  any time after 12.00.   Ring or email to arrange a visit.   Max 4 people per visit.

No flights of steps externally.  Happy to explore wheelchair access if required. Parking in front of house.

Contact: Joanna Collins and John Payne
01433 670392; 07837 328464; 07484 384095

30 Brentwood Road

30 Brentwood Road
S33 0AG

1950’s end Terrace ex Council House. Cavity wall Insulation when built – not renewed

Over time we have added:

  • Loft Insulation
  • Solar Panels
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • EV car charging port

In the last year – old outhouse which housed downstairs loo / utility with conservatory attached has been replaced with fully insulated kitchen extension with underfloor heating and properly insulated “double glazed” patio doors.

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 October, 10 am – 5 pm. Ring or email to arrange a visit

Fully accessible. On-street parking.

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Contact: Charlotte Farrell
07976 980 639


S32 5QR

Chapelfields is a converted Wesleyan dated 1866. Bought in 2013 and completed 18 months later.

Our Architect James Darwent designed a imaginative open plan dwelling.
  • All the widows have sealed units
  • the external walls are insulated and lime plastered.
  • We recently installed a air heat source pump and the heat is through under floor heating.
  • We have backup radiators down stairs that have never been required.
  • We wanted to instal solar panels, but we’re turned down by Peak Planning because we are in a conservation area.

Saturday 7 October  10 am -12.00 & 2- 5 pm. Phone/email beforehand to arrange a visit.

2 two steps into house. Parking available around the green and on road next to chapel

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Contact: Stephen Laddiman
07707 236395

The Forge, Bamford Mill

The Forge
Bamford Mill
The Hollow
Bamford, Hope Valley
S33 0AU

1800 detached cottage, mostly solid gritstone.

  • all renovated stone walls insulated & plaster-boarded
  • wet underfloor heating in kitchen & extension
  • conventional condensing gas boile
  • individual heating zones with gelocating app to control heating
  • 2.7 KW PV panels

Saturday 7 October 1.00 pm – 5.00pm & Sunday 8 October 11.00-12am and 13.30-5:00pm.   Ring or email to arrange a visit

Property on one floor.  Wheelchair access at rear of property. Parking at Bamford Mill

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Contact: David Speake
07545 419 538
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