Recycling Directory

Hayfield now has its own Recycling Directory!


Reducing, re-using and finally recycling is a key part of Sustainable Hayfield’s mission. Reducing our consumption of unnecessary ‘stuff’ and re-using, repairing or upcycling what we already have should get our greatest attention. But there will always be items that we no longer need or want and can’t pass on or upcycle.

When we throw something away we need to remember there is no such place as ‘away’ – everything goes  somewhere. But recycling can be complex and confusing. To help make sense of this and reduce landfill Sustainable Hayfield recyclers have been working with others to produce a Recycling Directory.. In particular, St John’s Church have taken on a key role as a collection point for specific items as part of their journey towards becoming an Eco church. Our thanks for the work they have done to help with this directory.

The Sustainable Hayfield team

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One Response

  1. I totally get the mission of cutting down on unnecessary ‘stuff’ and giving our attention to reusing and upcycling. It’s heartening to see a community come together to tackle the challenge of responsible waste management. The idea that there’s no such place as ‘away’ really hit home. It’s a reminder that everything we dispose of has a destination. I love how the community is taking charge to make recycling less of a maze. The collaboration with St John’s Church as a collection point is genius – turning a place of worship into a hub for eco-friendly practices is just brilliant. A big shoutout to St John’s Church for stepping up and being a key player in this recycling revolution. Your dedication to becoming an Eco church is truly commendable. Thanks a ton for making this Recycling Directory happen!