Biodiversity and Climate Change

Why tackling biodiversity loss could solve the climate crisis

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Is tackling biodiversity loss or climate change more important? The beautiful thing that many people don’t realise is that doing the first will fix the second, writes Martin Wright

A fascinating new study into a previously overlooked, but potentially crucial, benefit of rewilding. It found that maintaining healthy populations of just nine key wild species (or groups of species) – including elephants and wolves, but also wildebeest, musk ox and bison, as well as marine fish, whales, sharks and sea otters – can play a vital role in controlling the carbon cycle on land and sea. How? Because in order for such creatures to thrive, they need a viable habitat. And if that’s conserved, whether in the oceans, forests, grasslands or swamps, so are the many ways in which its natural properties of sequestering and storing carbon are maintained, too.

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