Supporter Survey Findings


The stand-out findings are:

  1. About 30 new people are interested in getting more involved in each of the 3 action groups.  (Some of these people would like to be involved in more than one group.)
  2. Our communications  are generally well liked.
  3. There are some detailed suggestions about how we might improve our communications and involve our supporters.


Would like to get involved in helping

We got a good response to our invitation to help with volunteering in out three action groups. Thank you.   We will be contacting you by email in the next weeks.











What could we do to improve our communications

  • They are pretty good.  I am always surprised at the scarcity of comments on the website. Surely dialogue would help us all.
  • Short notice top offs for events.
  • Provide more info on things we can get involved in, or steps we can take.
  • More use of pictures in articles in village newsletter. A picture speaks a thousand words! Often articles are dense text
  • More topic-based meetings, in-person and online, aimed at increased participation and action.
  • More targeted information relating to my location / interests.
  • More on what individuals and households  can do to reduce their carbon footprint .
  • Make yourself more known especially as I am new to the area (moved in Jan) and have only just heard of you.
  • I prefer shorter newsletters. You could consider issuing it twice a month when there is a lot to report.
  • Hold more face-to-face community events.
  • Have meetings on a different evening, not always Monday
  • Get them under my nose. WhatsApp and emails grab my attention.  I wonder if you could maybe email or WhatsAp me the newsletter headlines so I can see without making any effort at all if I want to delve further.
  • Don’t assume everyone is electronically conversant or wants to be.
  • Communicate with adults via children at groups e.g. via toddler groups, youth groups, scouts, brownies etc
  • Clearer invitations to take part.
  • Audio/video newsletter?
  • Advertise more.


  • Found recently that several of the links in one of your emails to topics of interest didn’t work

The key implications

  1. Action Group leads should contact the people listed and ask them how they might want to be more involved.  They should also be invited to upcoming events.
  2. Relatively few people rely on social media to keep in touch.  This may reflect the inadequacy of our social media rather than peoples’ preferences.
  3. We might include more images in our newsletters and consider minimising the text.
  4. We might redesign the website to encourage more interaction.


Many thanks to all of you who answered this survey. The winner of the prize draw “Dinner for Two” lives in Hathersage.

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