A Doughnut in the Park

Last January 2021 I reported on the relevance of Kate Raworth’s “doughnut economic”.  Doughnut economics

Doughnut economics

Doughnut economics uses the metaphor of a ring within a ring to describe the environmental and social boundaries that define a safe and just space for human development.

Here I’m reporting on an example of its application to the Brecon Beacons National Park from an article by  Helen Lucocq. https://doughnuteconomics.org/stories/127.

The competing demands on national parks

UK National Parks are not wildernesses, rather we are working, living landscapes with the interaction between people and nature at our core. The first purpose of national parks is to protect the environment and its assets.  The second purpose is to connect people with the natural and cultural environments for their enjoyment and wellbeing. Our duty looks to how our communities function within the Park to ensure their socio-economic success. National Parks cater to multiple needs including, including ensuring the socio-economic success of local communities and helping meet Government policy on climate change. To do this they must balance the competing demands of their two purposes.

Brecon Beacons National Park Doughnut

Brecon Becaons have adapted the Doughnut as a framework with a set of measurable policy goals.   The outer ecological boundary represents their first purpose to conserve and enhance the environment. The inner boundary represents the Park’s second purpose. The Park Doughnut is at the core of our new Management Plan for the area, Future Beacons   

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