Shared cars in our communities – Update

HVCA held a Zoom event regarding shared cars at the beginning of February 2022. Three speakers talked about why and how shared cars could contribute to an overall reduction of car ownership in the Hope Valley. This was followed by a range of questions to the panel.

Antonia Charlton from the charity CoMo UK ( provided an overview of different approaches to car sharing, with a particular emphasis on Peer to Peer group approaches and supported informal arrangements between neighbours (see below). She identified how common concerns and problems can be prepared for and overcome, and the extent to which people getting to know each other and matching needs can be a good starting point for more formal arrangements. The CoMo website has great examples of the ways different communities have developed Peer to Peer car sharing.

Roland Strube from Hayfield Sustainable Transport ( outlined the approach that they are developing to promote the sharing of transport between people with compatible needs. He emphasised the importance of encouraging people to consider alternatives to car ownership at times when they may be considering purchasing a car. 

Sue Rodrigues from New Mills talked about her experience of developing an informal car sharing arrangement with a neighbour. She outlined the practicalities of this, and how they have agreed usage and costs so that it is a benefit to both of them. Sue outlined the financial and environmental benefits of the arrangement which has been in place for over two years now, and how the informal nature of the arrangement initially reduced anxieties they both had about how it could go wrong. 

Participants were asked to complete a short follow-up survey after the session, and this will allow us to put people in touch with others who may have compatible needs. The survey is still open and can be completed here:

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