Warm this Winter

Warm this Winter Campaign and Hope Valley

Warm This Winter, is a new campaign demanding the government acts now to help tackle rising energy bills this winter and to ensure energy is affordable for everyone in the future. 

The campaign is supported by HVCA and leading anti-poverty and environmental organisations and is pushing for practical solutions to the energy crisis that already have the public’s support, and which are ready to roll out now. 

See more and sign the petition at:    https://hopevalleyclimateaction.org.uk/warm-this-winter/

By October, twelve million British families – almost half of the population – will have to cut back on basic necessities, including food and heating their homes just to pay their energy bills. The Warm This Winter campaign has identified four clear steps to stop nearly half of Britain falling into poverty this winter.

  • Emergency support for vulnerable households
  • A nation-wide energy efficiency programme
  • A rollout of onshore wind generation
  • An end to offshore oil and gas expansion.

Energy efficiency – Insulate every home in Britain to bring down energy bills and prevent waste. 19 million UK homes are ranked in the bottom rungs for energy efficiency, with EPC ratings of band D or worse. Homes in Hope Valley are no better.

There is currently around a £2bn shortfall in pledged government spending on energy efficiency compared with that promised in the 2019 Conservative manifesto.

Renewables – Rapidly expand clean energy which is now four times cheaper than gas

By 2050 we have calculated that we will need 3 times as much electricity as we electrify or home heating and vehicles. The price of onshore wind is now 9 times cheaper than gas.[1]

HVCA’s survey of 675 residents and visitors showed that 61% of people are prepared to consider large-scale renewables in Hope Valley. 59% of people like the idea of large wind turbines in our area.

The UK Government must ensure that clean, affordable energy is available across the UK, by unblocking onshore wind projects in England that have local support and protect nature, increasing wind and solar power, and supporting community energy.

Offshore oil and gas – Moving away from drilling new oil and gas fields so that we can escape our dependence on volatile fossil fuels

Families across the country are being directly impacted by the UKs reliance on expensive gas. The UK Government should reject any new oil and gas developments, including new licensing rounds, starting immediately with a proper support package for a transition in the North Sea.

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[1] https://www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-record-low-price-for-uk-offshore-wind-is-four-times-cheaper-than-gas/


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