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Learning from CornwallWebinar March 6th 2024 

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Cornwall Council has been a leader in improving rural public transport. They have pioneered integrated transport [bus and rail] under the Transport for Cornwall brand  On March 6th 2024  Transport for Cornwall very kindly hosted a webinar for HVCA to learn from their experience and to discuss how it may be relevant to the Peak District. The slides from the event can be found here [link] with a summary note of the meeting here [link]. The webinar was invaluable for identifying key areas such as the importance of branding and communications, of raising ambition as to what’s possible and of integrating services through partnership with all service operators.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Steve,
    Our sons partner is a civil engineer working on transport systems. They live in Penryn, Cornwall. We saw them recently and I asked Thea if she had any suggestions as to developing an integrated travel system in the Hope Valley, like Cornwall’s :-
    (One Public) Transport for Cornwall
    Bus Back Better -a National Policy
    1 ticket- easier journeys, seamless journeys
    Peninsular Transport (like transport for the North), Sub transport bodies oversee the whole region
    Regional Transport Strategy,(STB), Local Transport Plan, Bus Service Improvement Plan(local authority)
    She suggests engaging with these bodies , need input from Govt level and community action at local level to get things done.
    I think Thea works for AECOM, Exeter office, they have an office in Chesterfield.
    This was only a brief rather rushed chat, I am sure she would be willing to provide more info if that would help.
    Best wishes, Chris Winfield

  2. Many thanks for this message Chris. It sounds as though it would be really good to talk to Thea and get her perspectives on what we’re trying to do and how we should do it – we are engaging with mayoral candidates for the new D2N2 combined authority which will have transport powers. Please would you email her contact details to and mark for the attention of Anne Robinson. Many thanks