Petition to improve cycle margins Hathersage to Hope

Improvements to the Cycle Margins on the A6187 Hathersage to Hope Road

Sign the petition to improve the cycle margins to both sides of the A6187 Hathersage to Hope Road.

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The Hathersage to Castleton A6187 is a busy main road, carrying local, business and tourist traffic, together with frequent HGVs serving Hope Cement works. It is also very well used by cyclists of all types, from neighbouring cities plus tourists staying in the area, and mountain bikers accessing the many local trails. A recent survey of Hope Valley College students revealed that more would cycle to school if the road ‘felt’ safer.

The problem

Over the last few years, the road edges including the painted cycle margins have fallen into disrepair. Loose gravel, glass, humped tarmac, mud carried by tractors from adjoining fields, and faded line markings, have all made the margins unsafe for cycles – the result being that many cyclists either avoid them or swerve to dodge hazards – thus risking their safety by moving into the main carriageway.

Sections of the road have a 50 mph limit which is very intimidating for inexperienced and young cyclists. It is therefore essential to maintain in good condition this most basic of safety provisions, both to prevent accidents, and to increase cycling as an acceptable alternative means of transport and recreation.

Action needed

Regular maintenance and repairs would substantially improve the use of this facility, and safety of cyclists. A modest additional investment to create hatching across junctions etc, and extend the margins from the current end point near Brough traffic lights to Hope village would allow connection to Edale Road and the college.

Our Asks

  1. Ask Derbyshire County Council to carry out the following safety points to the road edges and cycle margins immediately.
    – clean, repair and maintain.
    – repaint faded lines.
    – remove dangerous tarmac ‘bumps’.
    – set up a regular maintenance and inspection system
  2. Ask Derbyshire County Council to extend the cycle margins into Hope, and provide additional safety hatching to junction crossings.

This petition was submitted by Gordon Wordsworth on the 21/04/2022, it was approved on the 21/04/2022 and filed under: Highways, Transport and Infrasructure

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7 Responses

  1. Painted lanes are far from ideal, but they should at least be repainted to the new standard of 2m wide. In addition light segregation in the form of orcas and wands should be installed, or even better bolt down kerbs if there is room. Speed limit should also be reduced to 30 mph if the route is to be suitable for all users. According to LTN1/20 Figure 4.1, at a speed of 50 mph a mandatory, advisable or light segregated cycle lane is not suitable for most users. If the speed limit is to be kept the same, only kerb protected provision is suitable.

  2. Not ideal, no, but better than nothing. The DfT guidance is a gold standard, but in practical terms means even minimal provision for cyclists and walkers will not carried out due to time, funds and physical constraints. The problem with creating any kind of barrier to the road edge of an ‘on road’ cycle margin, is that it is more likely to unseat a cyclist, and will prevent riders from riding two abreast or overtaking safely. As in most cases carriageways are not wide enough to accommodate the full 2m margin.
    I would also add that, although some research into cycle margins showed they don’t decrease ‘close passing’, my view, from 60 years cycling, is they at least segregate the carriageway, such that a vehicles trajectory is to pass the cyclists. Therefore if the driver is momentarily distracted then they will not hit the rider. When sharing the road, the vehicle has to pull out to avoid riders who could be in their path. Continental Europe, as well as having much more gold standard provision for cyclists, also have many more miles of road with simple painted margins – and no ‘hard’ segregation.

  3. Painted cycle lanes do not make cyclists safer. In fact in my experience they can encourage drivers to not overtake safely. Segregated and well maintained cycle lanes are necessary. This road is a very well used by cyclists who contribute towards the local economy. More consideration and money should be used to ensure that this continues

  4. Improvements to this cycle way – both the on-road marked by white lines and the pavement bike path would be valuable to leisure and sport cyclists and encourage cycling to school. But why is the section from Castleton to Hope not included? At present this section is narrow, with bends and 40 mph.

  5. I agree that the road surface is very much in need of improvement. However, these lanes also suffer from the fact that like all roads it’s a self-cleaning (no cost) system, meaning that debris thrown up by vehicles lands on the margins. Bike lanes need to be swept, otherwise many cyclists will take the line of nearside vehicle wheels, where it’s much cleaner.

  6. I live in Hope and would happily cycle to Hathersage and back if I felt safer. The suggested improvements would certainly help.

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