Moving Together Improves Your Travel Choices


Residents of Buxton and Hope Valley can now benefit from using Moving Together, a new online platform designed to help residents find local travel and transport solutions.

It is free to use, could positively impact the way residents get around and even help save money.

The platform is focused on shared transport – that is, forms of private transport which are shared with others. This includes giving lifts in your car, sharing a car, using a community car club and sharing your domestic EV charger.

“Moving Together presents new opportunities to help people save money, get around more easily and reduce their carbon footprint” says Roger Clarke, Transport Group Convenor from Hope Valley Climate Action. “As the cost of living increases and the need to reduce carbon emissions becomes ever more urgent, information hubs like Moving Together are a great resource for communities. After answering a few quick questions, the site will point you in the direction of the most suitable transport solutions available to you; for example, sharing your domestic EV charger with others in return for a small profit from the electricity sold.”

“Moving Together is a ‘one-stop shop’ which brings together some simple and innovative ideas to help residents share the resources they have in terms of transport” adds Andy Parker of Buxton Town Team. “From a free app which helps people to find a lift-share buddy in their local area, to information on community car clubs such as Buxton’s Enterprise Car Club, the platform offers some accessible and no-cost ways to reduce the cost of travel and carbon emissions.”

Julian Ashworth, Moving Together project lead at Hope Valley Climate Action, is keen to get feedback from people who have used the platform or the solutions on it. “It’s important we know if it meets people’s needs, and how we can improve it in future. Whatever your views, email us at . We are also capturing people’s views and attitudes to shared transport on our online platform, Commonplace, here.”

Moving Together has been developed in partnership with Cenex technology consultancy, Derbyshire County Council, Buxton Town Team and Hope Valley Climate Action’s Travelling Light project. It is funded by Midlands Connect who research, develop and progress transport projects which will provide the biggest possible environmental, economic and social benefits for the Midlands and the rest of the UK. Buxton Town Team and Hope Valley Climate Action’s Travelling Light project have brought local knowledge and community engagement to the project.

Visit or  to explore the platform, and tell us what you think!

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One Response

  1. Buxton Town Team is excitied to be part of this project to improve travel in our town. It might not suit everyone, but sharing travelling resources such as lifts, cars or chargers makes it cheaper and greener.
    According to the RAC: “The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time, a figure that has barely changed in quarter of a century. For the rest of the time the car or van is either parked at home (73%) or parked elsewhere (23%), for example at work.” Just think about that. If you own a car, 96% of what you are paying each year goes on watching it do nothing!
    Take a look at the website and investigate the possibilities of sharing.