Hope Valley Climate Action Manifesto

The climate crisis has become visibly more urgent as demonstrated by extreme weather events throughout the world.  We need immediate local, national and global action to tackle it.

Hope Valley Climate Action (HVCA) was established to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change and to make a positive difference to the future of the Hope Valley and beyond.  HVCA’s  1000 supporters are ready to play our part but we need serious and resolute political leadership.

Our vision of the Hope Valley is a tranquil landscape that is used more sustainably, is less polluted, and thrives with wildlife and birdsong.   There will be access to better transport for residents and visitors alike, a secure low carbon energy supply and lower energy bills.   It will be a special place for those who live here and for those from surrounding towns and cities who come to enjoy and experience the National Park.

We ask the incoming government to step up to the challenge and call for all candidates seeking political office to commit to the HVCA manifesto

Download HVCA Manifesto

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