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The travel and transport group promotes sustainable travel, to enable local people and visitors to travel easily and enjoyably, but at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. CO2 emissions from travel are the biggest single contribution to global warming from the Hope Valley, with the exception of the cement works.  read more…

Make walking and cycling easier, safer and more enjoyable for short journeys, in and between villages
  • We have carried out a survey of young people’s attitudes to cycling to school, demonstrating that there is an appetite for safe cycling which is not being met at present.
  • We have run a demonstration ‘bike bus’ for students to cycle to Hope Valley College.
  • We have held a successful ‘try an e-bike’ event in Grindleford.
  • We have campaigned for a safe cycle route running the length of the Valley.
Encourage high quality, attractive and affordable public transport services
  • We have advised Derbyshire County Council on the development of a new Demand Responsive bus service in the Edale area.
  • We have held discussions with bus companies, the County Council, and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive about service improvements.
  • We expect this area of work to intensify once the Covid lock-down is relaxed.
Reduce the use of private vehicles, particular those powered by fossil fuels
  • We have started to explore car sharing for electric vehicles and the introduction of more EV charging points.
  • We plan work on car-free days or zones.

To support these activities, we carried out a survey of attitudes to sustainable travel, with nearly 500 respondents. It showed a significant appetite for behavioural change. read more …

We are working with the National Park Authority and the County Council to make the Hope Valley a national sustainable travel pilot area. The high visitor numbers, particularly after the first Covid lock-down, has confirmed that a fresh, integrated approach is needed. read more…

The travel and transport group has a mailing list of around 50 people. There is a regular bulletin [at least twice a month] to everyone on the mailing list. There is a monthly meeting, open to all HVCA members, at 7 pm on the first Thursday of each month. To join the mailing list or attend the monthly meeting, contact the group convenor, Roger Clarke,

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