Appetite for sustainable travel

Travel Survey Findings

We are delighted to publish the results of the Travel and Transport Survey. Please have a look: it’s a quick and informative read.

Travel Survey Report (93 downloads)

The survey showed that there is a considerable appetite from local people and visitors for more sustainable travel in the Hope Valley. Many people are willing to consider making the switch to walking, cycling, electric vehicles, and greater use of public transport, provided the conditions are right. These include safe roads, particularly for cyclists, and ready access to high quality public transport. There is also a new appetite for working from home, reducing the need to travel.

Preconditions for less fossil fuel car use

Some of the preconditions for less private vehicle use, like better weather and fewer steep hills, are beyond our control! Others can be addressed. The main actions we plan to take as a result of the survey are:

  • Campaigning for dedicated cycling and walking routes, more road space for cyclists and walkers, and low speed limits in villages and on minor roads, in order to make it safer and more attractive for people to cycle and walk for everyday short journeys
  • Pressing for high quality, integrated, regular and inexpensive rail and bus services, that are attractive and well publicised
  • Encouraging the switch to electric vehicles [bikes and cars]
  • Calling for better management of visitors’ journeys: exploring Park and Ride options, public transport into and within the Valley more geared to visitor needs, better control of antisocial speeding and parking.

Get involved

We would like to hear your comments on the survey. We would also welcome your help in taking forward these actions.  Contact Roger Clarke if you would like to get involved or receive a copy of our regular Travel and Transport Bulletin

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  1. The bus service run by First between Sheffield and Castleon is extremely unreliable. Makes commuting a nightmare not knowing if you are going to get to work on time and worse still get home making childcare very stressful. Regularly(multiple buses every week) buses dont run meaning an hour wait and a child left at school!!! First dont take any ownership or care that the service is so appalling.

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