Walk for Creation

Hope Valley Faith and Climate network Invite you to a

‘Walk for Creation’

Join us on Wednesday 14th June at 7pm at Padley Chapel, near Grindleford Station for a reflective prayer walk and time of worship. We will aim to finish by 9.15pm at the latest.

What will happen?
  • 7pm: we come together;
  • 7.15pm: we start on our prayer walk through the beautiful countryside around Padley Chapel, down to the river bank and through the woods. There will be a number of stops for looking at what is around us, reflection and prayer
  • 8.45pm: we return to Padley Chapel for a time of worship together, hopefully with some music
  • 9.15pm: we finish

Do come along to celebrate God’s Creation, in all its diversity and wonder, and reflect on our care for it.

  1. The ground will be uneven, at times hilly, and possibly muddy in places. Please wear walking shoes. The walk will not be accessible for wheelchairs
  2. Trains from Manchester arrive at Grindleford at approx. 50 minutes past the hour, and return shortly before 30 mins past the hour
  3. There is some parking at Grindleford Station.
  4. From the station, take the path to the north of the station cottages, turning westwards past the footpath to Padley Gorge. Don’t go towards Grindleford village. The walk from the station to the Chapel takes approx. 5-6 minutes

The Faith and Climate network is a group of people of faith from across the Hope Valley committed to sharing experience and fellowship, as we seek to do our part to address the climate emergency.

The event is finished.


Jun 14 2023


7:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Padely Chapel

2 Responses

  1. I’m aware of Padley Chapel as a place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics. For my research (I’m a pilgrimage scholar at Oxford University) please could you tell me the difference between a ‘pilgrimage’ and a ‘prayer walk’, and why this particular event is promoted as the latter and not the former? I’d be very interested to hear your response. Thank you!

    1. Hi Dr Anne,
      I am sure you will know the answer to your question better than I do, but I have always thought of a pilgrimage as going from place A to place B, with the journey itself being important. The Walk for Creation is a circular walk by the river and through the woods, then back to Padley Chapel. The route itself is not the important part. It is simply an opportunity for people to be immersed in God’s creation, with no other focus than on the natural world around them and God’s presence in it and through it.

      I think we also subconsciously thought that a prayer walk is fairly self-evident – it is a walk during which you pray, whereas it might be less evident what we were offering if we offered a pilgrimage.
      A very imprecise answer, but I hope it helps a little.
      Rev’d Louise Petheram, Hope Valley Faith and Climate network

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