Cycling For All Rally

Join us on Saturday 1 October, as we cycle between villages in Hope Valley, visibly showing that we want to cycle not just for sport, but for transport and pleasure. We want to cycle to the station, to the shops, to school and to college.  We want to meet friends in other villages, go to the doctor, the vet or the dentist. We just want to get from A to B without needing to drive.  It’s cheaper, healthier and a lot better for the planet.

We need improvements to be made to enable us to feel safer cycling.  Like 20mph roads, car-free routes, cycle lanes, cycle parking and signage.

This will be a family-friendly ride, along the valley rather than over the hills.  By cycling at the same time, we show strength in numbers, and we can provide support to less confident cyclists. We’ll make it fun and friendly  – a great way to meet other people.

Bring your bikes, trikes trailers and other cycles. Bring some colour, noise and fun. Bring your friends, family and colleagues. Dress up or dress down, wear lycra, fancy dress or whatever you normally wear.  Make a day of it or just come along for the ride.

At the end, we’ll gather and share ideas for the improvements we want to see. The ride is one of the events being organised as part of Travelling Light, our national beacon travel project to tackle climate change through decarbonising rural travel, whilst improving the landscape for everyone living in, working in or visiting the valley.

Ride with us.  Show how many people will ride if they feel safe doing so.

Click here to register 

How do I take part?

Please register your interest so we can gauge numbers on the day.  By registering you’ll also receive a couple of emails from us about the event to provide updates beforehand, and a request for input into the discussions afterwards.  You’ll also be invited to sign up for the regular HVCA newsletter, if you haven’t done so already, to see how the rally fits in to our overall approach.


Everyone is welcome! No need to be a super-confident cyclist, you can cycle at your own pace and we’ll be there to support you and make sure you get to the end.  And if you don’t have a cycle or don’t feel confident to join on a road then join us from 11am in Bradwell anyway.

We aim to create an inclusive and accessible ride, where you can bring your whole self and be yourself. If you have any particular needs or concerns, please do get in touch so we can make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

To make the ride go as smoothly as possible, we’re looking for volunteers.  If you have your ride leader training, we’d love to hear from you to accompany and lead the cyclists.  We’re also on the look out for volunteers to help set up the ride, marshal the route, and to promote and organise it in advance.  If you’d like to volunteer, please register here



We plan to start in Castleton, ride to Hope and then on to Bradwell.  If you’re joining from another village, why not speak to your friends and neighbours and see who else is coming – you could ride together or share transport.  We will update closer to the time if the route changes for any reason.


At 10am on Saturday 1 October .  We should arrive in Bradwell between 11 and 11.30.  There’s time for a break, to chat to fellow cyclists and share your views on what changes we need to happen. After that you head home at your leisure, whether that’s back to Castleton or to Hope station to get the train.


Why a rally?

Well, let’s consider what a rally means:

rally – noun  /ˈræl.i/

a public meeting of a large group of people, especially supporters of a particular opinion:

to rally – verb /ˈræl.i/

to return to a better condition

rallying cry – adjective /ˈræl.i/

a phrase intended to encourage support


We want a public meeting of a large group of people, who share the desire for cycling improvements in Hope Valley. We want the roads and routes to improve. We want to hear those rallying cries to encourage and support us.

A few important points…

  • We want to encourage everyone to join. We are cycling along roads where motorised traffic will be present. If you are less confident, we encourage you to bring your friends or let us know on the day so we can cycle with you.
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order before you set out, and again before you set off.  We recommend the M check – and if you haven’t ridden for a while, to get your cycle checked out by a mechanic beforehand so you don’t have any worries on the day.
  • At times we will want to make some noise, so bring your bells, whistles and other noise-makers – just make sure that it’s not so loud that it will cause too much surprise or noise to other people.
  • We want to have fun and be colourful – if you’re coming in fancy dress, make sure its suitable for a cycle ride – you don’t want ribbons getting trapped in your brakes or chain

The event is finished.


Oct 01 2022

2 Responses

  1. hello, great event, well done to all. Colourful / fancy dress – great idea, I like especially the warning re ribbons in chains . . .!

    WHERE do we all meet???? Is it hard standing or soft i.e. earth?

    I can offer
    a) quick check of all key points on a bike which are key to safety and
    b) advice re easy riding for the less experienced – especially with regard to saddle height, as many people are not aware of the huge benefits to be gained by getting this right
    c) a pumping up tyres as needed. Again many people are simply unaware of the importance of this.

    I know you say to participants to get a cycle mechanic to check their bike over, but how many will actually do this?

    I can also bring a couple of pennant attachments. A visible pennant fluttering above a bike makes a group ride a LOT safer! (Again I speak from experience) (And again, you may have these already). It is more important that the back marker has one, but at both ends is even better.

    One is simply the wand, without any pennant, the other has an old quite large pennant sporting my old business logo. Does HCVA have any pennants? Or anything which could be adapted to be one / stuck on to mine?

    NB This would add a little zip to any photos on the day.

    1) is any of the above useful?
    2) where exactly is the assembly area?
    3) any chance of a lift from Bamford (centre) Getting the bus would be very early for me, and also unreliable, and involve quite a walk, as I am somewhat disabled.

    Daniel Wimberley

    NOTE re my experience.
    Daniel and Anne set up and ran a cycle hire and guided cycletours business in Jersey for many years, with over 100 bikes. I have issued hundreds of bikes, often with time at a premium, to all kinds of people, and test-ridden / instant checked hundreds of bikes too., as well as led a LOT of tours.

    Sorry cannot offer to lead, disabled and riding a bike is now impossible!!

  2. Hi Daniel

    This is fantastic – thanks for all the offers of support!

    I’ve also had an email forwarded from you, so I’ll respond to that in more detail. It will be great to have you on board!

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