Car club local case study

Need to drive, but without the expense of owning your own car? Joining a car club could be the solution for you.

Buxton car club started in 2021, the initiative of voluntary group Buxton Town Team. Based at Buxton railway station, the club is a branch of Enterprise, and costs just £10 per year for Buxton residents to join.

What is a car club?

Car clubs allow short-term vehicle rental, normally by the hour, to members of the club. Members can be residents, businesses or visitors. Fees can costs around £90 per year in some cases, but Buxton Car Club members can join for just £10 per year thanks to Enterprise and Buxton Town Team’s joint working. A car and a van are available from the station.

Why join a car club?
“A club car is a great way of cutting the cost of motoring.  Much of the time cars are idle but costing money.  By using the club, it’s possible to save money and be mobile. The centrally located club car can be booked and easily collected when needed” says Buxton resident and Treasurer of Friends of Buxton Station, Derek Bodey. “It would be even better if it was electric!” he adds.
Buxton Town Team’s research showed similar results to national statistics collated by the RAC Foundation; the average privately-owned car is only in use 4% of the time, being parked the rest of this time, while car ownership costs on average £4000 per year. Car clubs are a way of potentially saving money and carbon emissions, by allowing people to only use and pay for a car or van when it is needed. 
As an Enterprise member, you can use any of their vehicles around the UK included in your membership, too.
How does it work?

Firstly, join the club at Buxton | Enterprise Car Club. Then use the Enterprise app to book the car or van at the required time. The app gives users a PIN number to unlock the car, so there is no need to collect keys, and the app also uses keyless technology to lock the car. Drivers can refuel the vehicle using a fuel card, which is kept in the vehicle. Drivers are charged at the end of their journey for the mileage they have done – simple! You could book the vehicle for an hour’s trip to the supermarket, or to take on a two week holiday. You don’t have to live in Buxton to join the club, as long as the vehicle is returned to the station at the end of your trip.

Convenient and flexible

Buxton Town Team sustainable travel group were looking for new ways of helping people travel” says Tina, Sustainable Travel Plan project leader at Buxton Town Team. “Even at the time the car club was first set up a few years ago, the average cost of running a car was £4000. For the many people in Buxton who use their car infrequently, joining the car club for £10 instead of owning their own vehicle could be a hugely helpful way to save money and lower their carbon footprint”.

“Having the van available to book is very useful, especially for local businesses, as you might only need to use it once a week, for example for a trip to the cash-and-carry or moving large items occasionally.”

You can read more about it in Pure Peak magazine Spring 2023 edition: Pure Peak Spring 2023 (

Get involved
Head to Buxton | Enterprise Car Club to get started.
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