Buglife Beelines project.


Buglife, The Invertebrate Conservation Trust is a British-based nature conservation charity. They are running a project called “Beelines” which identifies or proposes bee-friendly corridors that link across the country to enable bees to move around more readily. They have designated the Hope Valley as a bee corridor. The project provides an online interactive map on which anybody can post details of bee-friendly developments. I have posted details of the Hathersage rewilding group’s verge project. This simply places a marker on their map with the attached text: ”

The Hathersage rewilding group are a part of Hope Valley Climate action https://hopevalleyclimateaction.org.uk/  We are working to change the mowing regimes for local verges to encourage wildflowers to increase biodiversity and to support pollinators. Our pilot project is a verge adjacent to Jaggers Lane Hathersage where we have agreed with the Parish Council that half will be mown twice a year and half of it only once. We will introduce locally occurring wildflowers gradually.”

B-Line along Hope Valley

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