2 Barnfield Cottages
S32 1AD

I moved into my terraced cottage late in 2000. The garden was ‘tidy’, mostly lawn with a few low bush plants like cistus I planted trees: apple and rowan first, followed more recently by a pear and a second apple tree.  Gradually the garden flowers disappeared and I stopped digging over the borders. Wild flowers appeared. The trees grew up.

I now have shade and shelter for wildlife: buddleias for butterflies and bees, wildflowers for all insects; rowan, elder, holly and hawthorn (together with the pyracantha on the front of the house and the cotoneasters which were already here) provide berries for the birds.

The garden is now more or less a forest garden in which the wildlife and I can hide! The only lack is a pond but the thought of mosquitoes puts me off!

Open both days after 11am.

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Contact: Jane Varley

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