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The aim of the action group is to decarbonise travel to, and in, the Hope Valley. This will be achieved through a combination of promoting active travel [walking and cycling], pressing for excellent public transport, and reducing the use of vehicles powered by fossil fuels. The Valley will become a national beacon of sustainable travel in a rural area.

Organisational structure

The group has a monthly meeting on zoom, at 7 pm on the first Thursday of each month. The group is co-ordinated by Roger Clarke [ and 07943 845745]. General meetings are normally chaired by Tom Ricketts. Group members lead individual projects. The group’s work is supported by a bi-monthly email Bulletin, which is circulated to 60 people on the group mailing list.

Current projects

The group is working on a number of projects which raise awareness of sustainable travel issues and possibilities, demonstrate solutions, and provide a base of experience from which to advocate policy change. 

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We’re working towards a better, low carbon travel and transport system in the Hope Valley.  

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How to get involved

We’d love to hear from you….

  • …if you have qualifications and/or experience in sustainable building or green energy generation and would like to offer your expertise to the group
  • … if you have an interest in one or more of the energy issues we focus on
  • … if you’d just like to come along to one of our events or meetings

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Our news

  • Travel
Appetite for sustainable travel
Travel Survey Findings A big thank you to the many people who completed the Travel Survey.  467 people responded. 72% were resident of Hope Valley and 28% were visitors. Only 17% were members of HVCA. Appetite for change The survey showed that there is a considerable appetite for more sustainable travel in the Hope Valley.  Many […]
  • Public Transport
Rail service improvements
Hope Valley Climate Action is pleased that Northern, who operate the Hope Valley local services, have upgraded many of their trains. The uncomfortable 40-year-old Pacers have finally been replaced by modern, warm and quiet units. HVCA has called for improvements to services on the line in its response to a Department for Transport consultation on […]
  • Public Transport
Transport as a Service (TaaS)
What might transport in Hope Valley look like in 2030? The following explores the future of on-demand travel and the scenario of Taas, Transport as a Service (also known as MaaS, Mobility as a Service). Background We are on the cusp of a technological disruption in transport where various trends intersect to produce a dramatic […]
  • Travel
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
The future of rural transport in place like Hope Valley The aim of this paper is to explore questions about lessons from elsewhere in Europe, particularly Switzerland, the role of new technolgy, the prospect of changing travel behaviour and the impacts of the Covid.  read more … SUMMARY European experience Transport is a key issue […]
  • Travel
Are we there yet?! The Future of Sustainable Rural Travel in the High Peak
What are the current barriers facing the way we travel in rural areas? What solutions are already available to enable us to travel more sustainably?  Over the last few months, Hope for the Future has been working with residents in the High Peak constituency. Residents here – like in so many other rural locations in […]
  • Travel
Better low carbon travel
Travel and transport group The travel and transport group promotes sustainable travel, to enable local people and visitors to travel easily and enjoyably, but at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. CO2 emissions from travel are the biggest single contribution to global warming from the Hope Valley, with the exception of the cement works. […]
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Electric car charging points
Chesterfield No 170 Bus

Better low carbon travel

Travelling Light

A national sustainable travel demonstration project, encapsulating many of the Travel and Transport group's aims. Currently in its development stage, funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport. Project Officer Mandy Holden

Eyam Moor

Walking project

'Good for you, good for the planet'. Promoting walking as part of daily life. Lead Joanna Collins

Car Free Days

Project to trial selective road closures on Sundays, to free up space for safe walking and cycling by people of all abilities. Lead Gordon Wordsworth

Try an e-bike

Village-based events to encourage people to try out e-bikes. Lead Tom Ricketts

EV Charging

Securing a network of electric vehicle charging points throughout the Hope Valley. Lead Tom Ricketts

20's Plenty

HVCA support for a Derbyshire-wide and national campaign, with the objective of establishing 20 mph speed limits in all Hope Valley villages. Lead Charlotte Farrell

Bus campaign

Two-week campaign over Easter 2022 to promote the use of existing bus services by local people and visitors. Lead Anne Robinson

Bus service Improvement Plan

Working with the County Council to ensure that their Bus Service Improvement Plan delivers high quality bus services for the Hope Valley. Lead Joanna Collins

Hope Hub

Working with the County Council to make Hope station a transport hub, where bus, rail and other transport services would connect. Lead Roger Clarke

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