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Local Electricity – a discussion with Richard Noakes and Steve Shaw, brought to you by Hope Valley Climate Action. Monday 7th December at 19.30.

Steve Shaw founded Power for People, a climate change group that are campaigning for the Local Electricity Bill – that they authored – to be made law. The aim of the Bill is to empower community renewable energy, so that it grows from its present 0.4% of UK electricity generation to at least 10%, with local communities receiving direct benefits. The Bill is sponsored by a cross party group of 12 MPs and a total of 229 MPs support it, with 326 needed for a majority. Steve has 15 years of experience of campaigning for new environmental laws including the Household Waste Recycling Act, the Warm Homes Act and the Climate Change Act; he says, “One thing I have learned from them is that grass-roots focused campaigns that inspire and mobilise people to lobby their MPs are extremely effective.” 

Richard Noakes believes that local electricity is the future. Working in the electricity distribution industry and chairing the energy group in Sustainable Hayfield gives Richard in-depth knowledge of sustainable electricity at both local and national scale. Richard says that “All the technologies are now in place. With local generation, half-hourly pricing, home automation and local storage including car batteries, we have reached a tipping point. All we need now is the enabling legislation”. 

After brief introductions by Richard on the technical background and Steve on the political campaign we will open the meeting to a question and answer session.

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