Land Use Enquiry

House of Lords Inquiry into Land Use in England – EDGE response to Call for Evidence.

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The Edge

The Edge is a built and natural environment think tank and network. It is multi-disciplinary in a landscape remarkable for its abundance of single-discipline institutions.

Land use strategy

The Edge strongly supports the development of a well-designed and effectively implemented integrated land-use strategy for England and sees it as being an essential tool in tackling a number of wicked problems and delivering good governance across England.

A successful land-use policy should encompass the following;

  • Be focused on delivering a number of high-level long term goals
  • Provide a unified record of the current (and previous) state of land-use in an easily accessible format
  • Show the future impact of potential environmental change
  • Allow for the demonstration of planning and change of use proposals
  • Enable consultation and interaction between interested parties, including Local Planning Authoritie, landowners and community groups
  • Provide a methodology for evaluating alternative land-use options and balancing different policy objectives

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