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Junior School Curlew Cluster

Mary’s Colwell’s Curlew Action is offering to run their curlew cluster programme in junior schools in Hope Valley. They will provide speakers and materials.  But we need people here in Hope Valley who will volunteer to organise the cluster.
If you love curlews and would like to take action to ensure we continue to hear their enchanting calls each spring is invited to a meeting on

24 June 10.30 am at Anglers Rest Bamford.

Contact David Hughes for details.  hughesonline@btinternet.com

The curlew is in global decline but the Peak District is one of three areas in Europe where they are just about holding on. Most of us recognise their distinctive warbling call when they arrive in the spring and know their very distinctive curved bill. Many of you will remember the interesting talk by Mary Coldwell and Russ Wynn of the Curlew Recovery Partnership which we held in April. Lots of people expressed an interest in doing something more to help curlews in our area. After all who doesn’t like curlews! One of the initiatives run by Mary and Russ is the Junior Curlew Network. This involves working with primary schools to tell children about curlews, show them birds in the field, setting up nest cams and holding a curlew summit for the schools.

Building on the School Climate Challenge, in which Steve Platt and Ghazala-Ahmad-Mear visited all the schools in the valley to talk about climate change, we would like to set up a Junior Curlew Network in the Hope Valley. The Curlew Recovery Project will provide funding, materials and speakers but we need a small team to get the schools interested and to liaise with them. If you would be interested in helping please get in touch with David Hughes hughesonline@btinternet.com or Scharlie Platt. scharlie@carltd.com

If you would like to know more about the network take a look at https://www.curlewaction.org/junior-curlew-network/.



Jun 24 2022


10:30 am - 11:30 pm


Anglers Rest
Anglers Rest, Bamford

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