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Curlew Recovery

The next meeting of the new Land Group will be a talk by Mary Colwell about curlew conservation. Since 2016, curlews have received a lot of conservation attention. They have been the subject of national conferences, an event at Downing Street and the support of Prince Charles. They are a much-loved bird – but are they now safe? Her talk will summarise where we have got to, the major issues they face across our landscapes and how we can help shape the new conservation landscape with respect to wading birds. They are not as common as they used to be in this neck of the woods but in many parts of the country, they have become quite a rare sight.

Mary Colwell

Mary is an environmental writer, producer of BBC natural history programmes and has recently written “ Curlew Moon” about her experience of walking across the British Isles finding out about how curlews are doing. Join us to hear how this iconic local bird is doing and what we can do in the Hope Valley to help.

2019 WWT Marsh Award for Wetland Conservation
2018 David Bellamy Education Trust NGO Award
2017 BTO Dilys Breese Award for Outstanding Science Communication
Chair – Curlew Recovery Partnership England


Apr 06 2022


7:30 pm


Moore Memorial Hall
Brentwood Road, Bamford, Derbyshire

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