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In June 2020 we responded to a call by the parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee for evidence related to improving the energy efficiency of existing homes by listing a range of policy changes and incentives the government could initiate to accelerate the pace of retrofitting. An acknowledgement of our contribution + a copy of the EAC’s final report was received in March 2021:

Autumn 2020 the group designed and carried out a short energy survey which attracted 214 responses.

In February 2021 our Group Coordinator responded in writing to the Peak District National Park’s latest review of its planning policies on retrofitting and residential renewables.

On 18 June sustainable building adviser, Nick Parsons, spoke on ‘Principles and Practicalities of Insulating Homes in the Hope Valley’. The talk was very well received and engendered a lively and useful Q&A session afterwards.

On October 2 we organised our first Open Eco-homes Day with 7 homeowners willing to showcase the home improvements they had made. The response from the visitors was extremely positive prompting a decision to repeat the event next year.

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Installing a heat pump
We live in a 1970s four bedroom detached house in Hathersage. For environmental reasons, we converted from a gas hob and gas CH to an ASHP and electrical induction hob, thus disconnecting from mains gas. A generous government allowance towards the costs helped.  Below are some of the benefits and potential and actual problems with […]
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Retrofitting homes in Hope Valley
A talk and Q&A by Peter Rickaby Why retrofitting our homes is essential to decarbonisation Taking account the requirement of the entire building, from a technical standpoint and occupancy comfort. Managing retrofit risks, especially moisture risks in traditionally constructed homes Zoom Recording (available until 31 May) Download Slides Link to Archived Recording on Google Drive Peter […]
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Home Energy Efficiency Tips
Preliminaries We have a large variety of construction types in the Peal District, spanning hundreds of years of materials development. Therefore the materials and methods of insulating the fabric need to take account of this variety.   You need to work up a list of priorities that apply to your home. – Jobs aways take […]
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Retrofitting buildings with Nick Parsons
Principles and Practicalities of Insulating Homes in Hope Valley FRIDAY 18 JUNE AT 7.00PM Nick Parsons gave a fantastic talk about the principles and practicalities of insulating / retrofitting homes. Nick Parsons has worked in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable buildings for over 30 years. The talk was hosted by the HVCA Energy […]
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How green is my valley?
A big thank you to the many people who completed the Energy Survey.  214 people responded. Energy Survey Findings  Download    HVCA Energy Survey Report Home energy efficiency The stand-out finding is that about half the obstacles to home energy improvement are things that HVCA can help with by providing reliable information (31%) campaigning for a change […]
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B-Snug hybrid heat pumps are coming to Hope Valley
Passivsystems are working work with Shell and EDF to deliver a hybrid heat pump system to Hope Valley.     B-Snug hybid heat pumps is being rolled out on the back of two government grants – the renewable heating initiative and the metering and monitoring service package. This means the installation will cost you virtually […]
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Have you done anything to make your home more energy efficient?
Open Eco Homes Days 2021 HVCA Energy group is planning Open Eco Homes days next summer on 19-20 June (provisonally).  We are following the model of Cambridge Open Eco Homes ( With the Government target of net zero emissions by 2050 and green home improvement grants, we feel the Open Eco Homes will encourage Valley folk […]
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New Green Homes Grant
To qualify for any financial support, you’ll need to be installing at least one of the following “primary” improvements: Insulation, including solid wall, cavity wall, underfloor, loft or roof insulation. Low carbon heating, such as air-source or ground-source heat pumps, or solar thermal systems, which provide renewable ways of heating your home.  If you already have these […]

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