Breedon – Update Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

On 21 December 2023 Ed Cavanagh (Plant Manger) and Spencer Green (Sustainability Manager) gave  to Jeremy Wight (HVCA’s Chairman) and Steve Platt an update on the Peak Cluster feasibility study for Capture and Storage (CCS).

The Presentation

Spencer Green wrote:

Dear Jeremy and Steve,

Many thanks for your time on Thursday, as well as your input into how best to discuss and debate the issues around such a sensitive project.

Please find attached a redacted version of the slides that we talked around. The changes have been made primarily due to the need for them to be delivered with much more context than it is possible to share just via a presentation. We appreciate that the information could still generate a lot of questions if read without such context of delivery but we would be happy to support you in that process when required. Just to clarify the main changes are:

  1. Any detailed pipeline routes as these could clearly be contentious and are far from finalised have been removed,
  2. References to the carbon capture plant size (apart from the potential footprint, which is shown in the layout), as these were generic,
  3. The initial layout concept (with the two potential CHP locations shown) as this isn’t relevant to the current study and requires detailed explanation,
  4. The costs shown on the last slide as these offer information which adds little value at this stage (and have not been widely socialised within our own business, nor to our other stakeholders yet). Now that you have some idea of the scale of the costs could we ask that you retain this for information only, and,
  5. Various other grammatical errors and typos.

Regardless of these I trust that the slide do provide valuable information regarding the current position of the project and we look forward to further discussions as and when the various strands of work move forward.

All that remains is for us to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Kind regards,

Spencer Green

GB Cement Sustainability (Energy & Carbon) Manager

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