Bio-diversity is a climate change issue

The connection between biodiversity and climate change 
“Without biodiversity there is no future for humanity”  Prof David Macdonald Oxford University

Although it is not as obvious a connection as burning fossil fuels, bio-diversity is very much a climate change issue. Healthy eco-systems are nature’s own carbon capture and storage systems as well as providing lots of other benefits like flood reduction and mental well-being. That’s why we have a re-wilding Land group within Hope Valley Climate Action. 

1.   Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

   agriculture contributes 9% of the UK’s greenhouse-gas emissions, rewilding can help reduce this

2.   Increase sequestration of CO2

  regenerating native woodlands and peatland restoration store  increases carbon storage 

3.   Mitigation of the impact of global warming

  restored ecosystems will mitigate flood risk

Role of HVCA Land Group

We support locally initiated campaigns on tree planting, verge management, landscape burning, wildlife gardening, swift boxes, hedgehog surveys etc.  At the same time we are working to build a major rewilding coalition We aim to create a shared vision with local support for a nature based economy in the Hope Valley.

 We have contributed to the DEFRA consultation on the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) which will pay farmers for public good instead of subsidising food production. It represents a big opportunity to help farmers adapt to climate change and to help mitigate it.

How do we start?

1.   Bottom up – supporting engagement with local initiatives

       Locally initiated campaigns on tree planting, verge management, reduced landscape burning, wildlife gardening, swift boxes, hedgehog surveys etc.

2.   Top down – build a major rewilding coalition

       Identify allies among potential partners, create a shared vision that we can support, mobilise local support for campaigns/projects.

3.   Quantify and validate expected benefits

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